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Rey creates some of the best Wrestling Championship Belts in America. With a passion for combat sports, his love of wrestling is eclipsed by few things; his family and his desire to give back to the community.

His clients include world champion wrestlers, MMA fighters, and collectors from all over the world. Through years of experience, Rey Rey Championship belts are among the best and highest quality belts you will find. The quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail of Rey Rey belts are second to none and are truly a belt you will be proud to own.

Wrestling / MMA Belts

Rey Rey specializes in custom crafting and re-leathering Professional Grade championship belts including wrestling , MMA , and boxing. Commissioned belts from Professional athletes include Bill Goldberg, and The Legends of Wrestling to name a few.

WWE World Champion Wrestling Belt

Custom Belts

In addition to creation & complete refurbishing of champion belts from professional contact sports, Rey Rey is also available for custom projects. Whether you have an idea for a belt as a gift for someone or want something specific like a Star Wars themed belt, Rey Rey can make it happen.

Custom Star Wars Leather Belt

Corporate / Event Belts

Premium quality champion belts are a big hit for corporate events. Create a unique reward for a top sales team, a trophy for the company softball tournament, or brand your company into a truly collectible item that shows your appreciation. It’s the ultimate alternative to the traditional “plaque on the wall.”

Miami Marlins Custom Leather Belt

Quality Craftsmanship

Made Entirely in the USA

auctions america wrestling belt

Bill Goldberg Belt

Custom Crafted for Auctions America

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